onsdag 11 juni 2008

Dagen efter 2:0 pa engelska

What a day, yesterday. A perfect day to celebrate a birthday: champagne and 2:0 to Sweden vs. Greece. Thanks God there was lots of champagne left last night to celebrate the victory. Don't ask me/us how we feel today, but it was worth it.

Sculpture walk
Did a sculpture walk yesterday which was absolutely fantastic. As this hotel's computer doesn't have Photoshop installed I can't put the pictures up, but I promise to let you all do the same walk in a week from today, i.e. next Wednesday.

Eat barbed wire
Eating barbed wire is something we do a lot, don't we :o). Well, here there isn't much barbed wire to consume, but believe me it's so windy that we ate a lot of sand yesterday. Frankly, I prefer the wire as sand grinds your eyes, get's inbetween your teeth and through your clothes to places you definitely don't want to be covered by fine sand. Don't worry, we'll live and thouroughly enjoy our holiday.

Mrs. Bettan and Nettan
Thanks a lot you two for all the cute pictures you put on your blogg. And thanks for your good wishes. Love you both!

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Anonym sa...

Och nu är det väl dax för dig att tala om var ni är !!!! Ha, ha !
Kan ni vara och titta på fotbollen eller ?
Ge oss en liten hint så vi får stilla våra små hjärnor !

Puss och kram på er bägge två !