lördag 14 juni 2008

Absolute Pears

Yes, that's what the party at our hotel was called last night. It was very simple really: Absolute Vodka sponsored the night-long do consisting of vodka, vodka and more vodka. And yes, you could eat pears too, if you wanted. You wouldn't though as they were very hard... Free booze in the country that only a few years ago lived off Russian vodka... you can image that the party war a success.

"Konstig sand"
Since we got here and walked on the beautiful 32 kilometer long beach (not all of it though) I decided I'd take home some of this fine sand. I have that idea of filling a white glass bowl with it and add a few decorative bits and pieces to it. One of the bits has my eye on it: one/several beautiful white stones in a funny shape which I found in some flower pots outside of a restaurant around here.

Stolen stones
Needless to say, these stones would have to be stolen, something I'm still arguing about with my very law abiding better part. There are lots more great pieces I would like to nick, especially as I have not spotted any equivalents in Sweden. So I hope that my husband will take a power nap tomorrow (people at spas tend to do just that, most of them all afternoon) so that I can go on a well ..."konst-tour". Keep your fingers crossed.

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Mrs Bettan sa...

Absolut päron kan du köpa på systembolaget, det brukar jag göra. Den är jättegod.
Har du tittat på matchen ikväll. Sverige-Spanien. Nästan så Sverige kunde ha fått ett poäng, men jag ligger i alla fall trea efter dagens första match.
Kram MrsBettan