onsdag 11 juni 2008

Konstigt weather

Saw in Mrs Bettans blogg that the weather in Stockholm was horrible, only 12 degrees. Well, here in Jurmala it was about 18 degrees and it felt like on Barbados 10 years ago: real downpours which lasted for 5 minutes, beautiful sunshine which lasted for about the same time and then rain again. I know that there is no bad weather only bad clothes, which fits us perfectly [the bad clothes that is], but at least we were smart enough to take umbrellas with us. And we haven't even lost them yet. Still plenty of chance for that though.

EURO 2008
My heart can't have been in my tips I submitted this time. I'm low down on all the three tips [one's my husband's] and I'm desperately hoping for some surprise results. I'm very happy for Malena and Magnus (they did their tips with the help of some rose wine, which must have done the trick), Carola and Inger as well as Mrs. Bettan and Herr P. Keep up the good work, I know how it feels... felt I mean 4 years ago.

Jurmala Spa
Okay Nettan, now I can disclose where we are. Old and "gaggig" as we are in a Spa hotel in Jurmala near Riga in Latvia. We are getting pampered as "old people" deserve to be but we don't walk around in white "morgonrockar" and fitting white "tofflor" ... yet.
It's great here with a 32 km beach and Riga is fantastic. So here you are!!!

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Ha, ha !
Nu vet vi allt var ni är !!!
Hoppas ni får en fortsatt bra semester - hur länge den nu skulle vara !


Mrs Bettan sa...

Ganska festligt, jag skrev just på min blogg att ni kunde vara i Baltikum och sen gick jag in på din blogg och fick kvittot. Jag gissade rätt.Skönt att ni haft bättre väder än vi haft idag i alla fall. Mörkt och tråkigt med regn och 12 grader. Sjutton så kallt, tur att fotbollen kom på em så man värmde upp sej. Som du ser har jag halkat ner till 6:e plats nu, det går fort när man inte har rätt resultat. Men i morgon kanske vi får bättre tur. Ha en fortsatt härlig ledighet med din man.
Kramar och pussar MrsBettan